BoxyCharm October 2016 Unboxing

Hey there friends! So just today, maybe an hour ago, the beautiful mailman left my BoxyCharm in my mailbox. If you are unfamiliar with BoxyCharm, it’s a subscription box that costs $21 a month and you receive 4-5 FULL SIZE products a month. This is my Fourth Box and so far there hasn’t been a box where I was completely disappointed so, lets see how I feel about this one!


First Product:

The first little guy I see is a bottle which is a liquid bronzer! The fact I am medium-tan I have a feeling a this won’t work very well on my skin or do me any justice so lets see. The brand is Temptu, Temptu is a brand that is meant for airbrush makeup. This product is full-sized and retails for $29.50.  20161015_171935.jpg

Shimmer bronzer: “It’s silicone based and oil free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic. Bronze and contour the complexion with this beautiful shimmer”

So I am not a fan of shimmer and I don’t know how I feel about a shimmery contour. But If you have dry skin you can definitely put this in your foundation to make yourself dewy. For myself, when I mixed it in my face looked greasy because of my oily skin but I set it with translucent powder and it didn’t look too bad. It mixed it with my Milani Conceal and Perfect foundation because it is a little more neutral based color and is a little light for my golden undertone so it really did a good fix with that.


Second Product:

This one I’m excited for because a girl can never have enough brushes. We got a Brush pack set of 3 which retails for $36 and they are from the brand Luxie. The set includes 2 tapered blending and one blending brush. They are definitely worth the box because they work so well with really blending out a shadow. 20161015_172002-1

“We collaborated with Luxie to bring you this fabulous Eye Blender 3 piece set! These cruelty free brushes are extremely soft and gentle enough for all skin types . The antibacterial coating keeps the brushes clean and fresh. Blending your favorite shadows will be a breeze.”

Third Product:

Looking at this product I’m not sure how I’m going to feel about this color. Its fall and they have given me a bright pink lip lacquer. The lip lacquer is from the brand Japonesque and

This shade is brighter than it appears in this photo!

its full-sized retailing for $20. It is very thick and quite frankly very thick, it is definitely not something I would ever wear, even if it was summer. There are some people who would love this color but it is not for me at all.


A long-lasting lip Lacquer with intense color, shine, and hydrating finish.

Fourth Product:

Now I am somewhat excited for this product it is a full size eyeshadow trio. It is by the brand IBY beauty. It retails for the price of $19 and its your everyday shadow colors. You 20161015_171611get a warm metallic gold, a metallic white and a beautiful warm brown matte shade. This would be good to have in your bag so you can real quick put the gold on your lid, put the brown in your crease, then put the white in the inner corner and you’re ready for the night.

“These three “must have shades” are perfect for the fast and easy eyeshadow contouring. US the trio to brighten and define your eyes and make them dramatically bigger.”

Fifth Product:

Last but not least, we have a hair product which is from the brand Briogeo. The “Blow dry 20161015_172056heat protectant” retails for $24. The smell of this is wonderful and I put a little on my hand and its very hydrating I have a feeling this will work wonderfully to keep you hair healthy.

“A weightless blow dry Finishing and heat protectant cream formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Naturally fortified with rosehip, argon, and coconut oils, it protects against heat damage up to 425 degrees, smooth’s hair and tames frizz, and enhances softness.”

Overall Feel For this month:

So, my specific box was one of many variations. If you sign up you have a chance at getting a beautiful Ofra highlighter or a Cargo blush or Cargo bronzer or the temptu bronzer I got. I believe everyone gets different lip shades as well. I was really hoping to see a Ofra highlight but since I got the First batch of boxes I got the temptu. If you are looking to subscribe to Boxy charm use this link. I am somewhat pleased with this month with the Brushes and Heat Protectant. I will be giving my Eyeshadow trio to my sister along with the lip lacquer just because I have so many of the exact shades and If I hoard more makeup I may come home to an intervention set up by my friends. I feel the temptu has so much potential to being great so I will definitely play around with that more. I just don’t see why they would give us an airbrush product if not everyone has the tools to use it.

I know for sure we are getting another variation of an eyeshadow palette we got in August which was amazing by the way, I love it so much so I am going to stick with BoxyCharm once more just for the pallet! Be sure to look out for that unboxing if you want to wait and see before you sign up. If you sign up using this link you will get this months box AND be in line to receive the November box!


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