Champagne Pop. Just Hype?

If you aren’t familiar with Champagne Pop by Becca x Jaclyn Hill, I’m assuming you don’t have interest in makeup or you just don’t pay attention to it. Champagne Pop was born under a collaboration between beauty guru, Jaclyn Hill, and Becca Cosmetics. This shade of Highlight was the first of the shade that many brands copy due to its effortless beauty which looks beautiful on all skin colors.

Due to the $38 price tag it took me a while to bring myself to purchasing it. Once I finally bought it, my heart hurt a little, but I was still excited to get it in the mail. 2 days later and my beautiful mailman, as I mentioned in my BoxyCharm Unboxing ,dropped my package off at the door I was shook.

This is not my photo

The packaging is nice but for some reason it makes it very easy to break, as mine did last week. Anyways, immediately I swatch the highlight and the color is beautiful but my heart is broken because it looks so shimmery. Personally I don’t like glitter on my face so I was truly sad over it.

The next day I use it on my face and the glow is so effortless and I am left truly amazed on how it set on my face. I was relieved because it wasn’t glittery on my face at all and it was so gorgeous. In that moment I came to realization that this product isn’t just hyped up because of Jaclyn Hills name is on it, its hyped up because it’s a quality


highlighter and a truly gorgeous color Jaclyn created. I’m so in love with this highlighter and I find it to be so worth the price tag. If you can afford it and are on the fence on purchasing the highlight then I suggest you do so because you won’t regret it at all.

If you are on the fence or you want more for you money, try the Anastasia Glow Kit in ‘That Glow’ the palette is $40 and you can 4 HUGE PANS  of highlighter. I’ve had my glowkit shy under a year and I don’t think I’ll be using it all or even hitting pan by its suggested expiration date.


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