Why do people wear makeup ???

The makeup community has largely grown over the past year and so has my love for it. Makeup was not important to me until the beginning of 2016. Its an interesting thought but its true. The main thing that draws myself into it, as well as many other people in the world, makeup is such an emotional outlet where you can really just poor you heart out and be able to create something beautiful. Creating looks and being able to share a love with people universally is a very exhilarating experience.

I’ve bonded and made a countless amount of friends over makeup due to the fact its such a simple thing to  talk about. The ability to be yourself and for people to recognize the type of person you are based on the type of makeup you wear makes me happy. It isn’t in a judgmental way, its in a sincere and kind way.

The amount of hatred that fills social media makes me feel weird, everyone should be

NikkieTutorial, JeffreeStar, MannyMUA

empowering to each other but instead people go on the internet to just make others feel bad. In makeup which is an art form, why do others feel the need to judge others creative process. People have to start somewhere, you aren’t going to pick up a pallet and a blending brush then be a Professional Makeup Artist. I love to see that men now wear
makeup openly and are so amazing at it too. Men who aren’t necessarily drag queens wear makeup on a day to day basis and I love that society has been so accepting of that. Everyone has a way to express who they are and I find makeup to be the most fun way to do so.

If you are interested in makeup but aren’t sure you can do it, do it anyways. Its such an enjoyable hobby. Wearing makeup does not mean you are insecure or you do it for the hope people to think you are attractive. You do it for yourself and because it makes you feel comfortable.


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