ColourPop Haul!

Hello, Friends. Just last Friday I finally got my ColourPop cyber Monday order, I bought 8 products for only $30. I purchased 5 Lip products and two eyeliners and below I will give my thoughts on the products. If you aren’t familiar with ColourPop its an online shop that sells quality lipsticks and makeup products for under $10. ColourPop is definitely a place to buy quality makeup for a very low price.

Lippie Primer

First, I’m going to start with the Lippie Primer. I definitely see a difference in longevity of  Liquid
Lipstick with this primer. Definitely a necessity for those of you interested in buying lip products from ColourPop. I have several lip products from ColourPop so I can tell the difference of wear time with and without the primer on.

Man Eater (Metallic), Instigator* (matte), Speed Dial*(matte), Screen Shot* (satin)

*Just Peachy Bundle*

I bought these three LipSticks** from a Lip Bundle called “Just Peachy” if you are interested in buying any Liquid Lips definitely take advantage of their bundles because it’ll save you a couple of $$$. I think it’s really cute with the special packaging and buying it on Cyber Monday knocked down the price even more! I was looking to get more daytime colors so I was excited to buy a bundle at this VERY LOW PRICE. I believe I payed $12,so on a regular day is the price of TWO liquid lips, but I got three! On a regular day it would be $15 but you’re still saving $3!! The colors were nice along with the wear time, I personally only had a problem with Speed Dial. When I put my lips together the color on the top would completely come off and I never experienced that with a ColourPop product. Perhaps it was the way I prepped my lips?


I was excited to get a Metallic LipColor for the Holidays, so i was even more happy to buy it for only $4 on Cyber Monday. Now this Liquid Lip is $6 but its still a CRAZY cheap price! The wear of the Metallic Lip is GREAT! It wasn’t too drying but it didn’t also survive my dinner! If you are drinking water or whatever you choose, it’ll last a long time. You just need to avoid the foods on the more oily side!

Gel Eyeliner

I’m pleased with the two Eyeliners I bought! I bought them in the shades Swerve and 20161211_111935Brew-HaHa. I think these are Great Eye Liners Especially for being $6! If you have oily lids then you’ll need to set your liner with eye shadow because I had a big problem with that. These are definitely a quality gel eyeliners and recommend them to everyone who is looking for cheap makeup! I have a black and Dark Brown shade because I just wanted to start out with basic colors for now but will be definitely going back to get more of the wild colors!

ColourPop is such a great site to buy cheap makeup that is good quality. Especially if you are starting out with makeup and want to explore while still having well known products used buy so many Beauty Gurus. Thank you for reading be sure to look at other posts by me!


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