So really, why do we wear makeup?


Even just a year ago, I found makeup to be an unnecessary thing. Not a big deal to me. Then I got more into it and  I found it to be something I enjoy. I found it to be

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something I can do and it makes me feel good. For the most part, it’s a hobby to me. I don’t do it in hope of impressioning others. Although, there are other days where I wake up and I just wonder what I’m doing my makeup for. There are times where I do my makeup in hopes of impressing others. Why do things that take my time away if it doesn’t make me happy?

Its such a  common thing that everyone claims that makeup is only done to be

Via @Iam_Janiyah on twitter

accepted by others. Now, I feel like that’s not true, for the most part, yeah that isn’t. So now I feel as though when I wear makeup I want to make sure it’s truly for me and not for others. I want to be happy and only do things when I want. Why let these people who we don’t know control out time and energy? We sit around hoping for people to notice us when we are just being like everyone else. What are you doing with your time? Are you waking up extra early to put on makeup just to be tired all day? Do your makeup if you love it don’t put yourself under stress just because you feel obligated to do something.






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