Hello friends, today I’m just going to discuss the products I’ve been using on the daily. I don’t wear makeup EVERYDAY,but for the most part I wear makeup quite a bit. I haven’t been buying new products lately and cancelled my boxycharm subscription just because I got a puppy and I need to save some $$$.

It’s so hard to find a primer I love because I have very oily skin and large pores. The one I’ve been obsessed with though is the Rimel Stay Matte Face Primer. This primer is a quality one especially for the low price. I’ve heard many great things about this primer and needed to have it. I had a MAC primer before that they recommended for oily skin and it didn’t compare to the effectiveness of the Rimel. My foundation applies nicely with this primer too which I’m happy with. My nose doesn’t nearly get as oily as it would before. With the mac primer my whole face would just shine and and my makeup with come off with the slightest touch of my face. I’m beyond pleased with the purchase of this primer and highly recommend it for y’all with skin on the oily side.

Now for foundation, my favorite is another drugstore item. I absolutely LOVE the Milani Conceal + perfect. It provides wonderful coverage and it lasts so long. I also have the Mac pro long wear foundation and I like the coverage of Milani more. Both are grate for oily skin but the Mac is a little better when handling oil. Also, my problem with MAC was the face it settled into fine lines, especially my laugh lines around my mouth. (Not sure if that’s the name of it.)

Under-eye Concealer

I never get enough sleep so, ya girl has pretty bad dark circles. MAC pro long wear Concealer is SO GOOD. Last year I was wearing it and I cried during school because I didn’t make the chamber choir and my under eye concealer was still there. Trust me I was crying A LOT. I haven’t repurchased it because just I lost it a while ago and decided to try the Maybelline one that everyone and their grandma uses. Maybelines is too think and settles into my fine lines hardcore. Also the coverage isn’t the same in my opinion. My naturally watery eyes kill the maybeline concealer.


Okay now as I try to think of a good highlighter,  it’s really hard. All of my highlighters are AMAZING. My first highlighter/highlighting palette was a gift from my two friends for my 16th birthday. Man, my heart was beating so fast when I opened the bag to see an Anastasia Glow Kit. I still love it so so much. I’ve hit pan in the shade Bubbly. The shades are so great for all skin types. It’s what made me fall in love with Anastasia’s brand because it’s so friendly to darker toned people. I hear many complaints that some shades are too dark for them and it makes me sad to hear because it’s so hard to please everyone nowadays. Anyhow, the pallet I got was in That Glow. It’s not sold in sephora anymore but you can probably find it at Macy’s or on the Anastasia Website. My second highlighter was a gift to myself, I bought Becca × Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop. It’s a truly beautiful shade, it gets endless compliments when I wear it and it’s so versatile to compliment many skin tones. I love golds which is why I love That Glow and Champagne Pop. There’s just something so unique about the Champagne Pop color. Recently I purchased the Anastasia × Nicole Guerrero Glow Kit. It’d so so beautiful, I love the pink colors and they’re simply gorgeous. If I were to chose between the two glow kits I would hands down choose that glow.The formula is just way better and you get more product plus the removable pans! The Nicole one has more glitter flecks in the formula while the original 4 pans seems to just be more pearlized and reflective without the glitter. But I love all my highlighters they’re so pretty and let’s face it you can NEVER have too much.


My brow products are of course from Anastasia. The brow wiz is insane! Hands down greatest brow product and it’s so natural looking. The price definitely hits me especially when I was buying them every other month. The amount I wore makeup when I used to use the brow wiz was everyday. Now I use the pomade. It’s still great but requires more diligence and patience. You need to have a light hand when applying the pomade. Definitely go a shade lighter than what you would get in the brow wiz. Personally I hate dark eyebrows, they make you look old and washed out. I use a medium brown brow wiz and soft brown pomade.i used to use a dark brown brow wiz and nope! Never again! I never realized how bad it looked. Just one shade lighter made such a difference on my makeup look. Definitely try to do lighter eyebrows if you normally go dark and see how you like it. If not that’s okay! It’s just my personal preference.


My favorite lip product is the Colourpop ultra matter liquid Lipstick in the shade beeper. It’s a gorgeous shade and I wear it ALL THE TIME. It’s only $6 and so long lasting. I’ve seen many people wear it and it looks great on everyone. I highly recommend just looking at colourpops website because its so affordable and they have SO MANY NEW PRODUCTS. Look at my recent Colour Pop Haul.


The last product I’m gonna talk about if OF COURSE mascara.The Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Waterproof Mascara is so great for me because I have lashes that refuse to curl and this is the only mascara that stays up. Also, it’s incredibly waterproof! As I said before, my eyes are incredibly watery and most mascaras will just come off completely or my curl would fall. Thankfully my sister and I discovered this one, thanks for a girl at sephora who told us about this one low-key ;).

There are some products I just left out because I didn’t feel  I could write so much about. For blush I use Too Faced Love Flush Blushed in Your Love is King, it lasts a decent amount of time and its a really cute color! I’m still on the hunt for a Moisturizer so PLEASE leave recommendations down below. If you want to see swatches and a in depth review of the New Glow kit LET ME KNOW!

Sorry for not posting as much lately but I hope to get back to posting more. Have a great week and I hope to hear from y’all down below.


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