YouTube Made Me Buy It 

Hello friends hope you’re having a fantastic weekend! I had a good one because I bought a few items! For some reason I haven’t gotten to purchasing these things I wasn’t sure if it was worth it so I held it off.

I’ve had my eyes on the Modern Renaissance pallet for a very long time since it came out. I love red shades and warm tones so it drew me to this pallet. It’s been sitting in my online cart for months and I have been finding reasons to not get it. I saved up so I can go on a makeup spree and get a couple things before my trip to Hawaii on the 5th. I went to the mall with my friends and I was surprised to finally see they had the pallet in Stock because it’s never available. I swatched the shades with the lightest touch and I KNEW that I needed to buy it. I showed my friend the swatch and she is the worst she told me to just do it so I ran to get in line. I got home played with it a little then the next day I went to an event at school and did an eye look. I was so happy with the result. The only set back on these shadows is it really has a lot of kick back and it hurts my heart because it’s so much shadow I waste. I know I’m going to hit pan on these shades really quick because of the frequency I’m going to be using them I’m just hoping this pallet is here to stay forever. It’s definitely worth it if you’re a warm tone lover like I am. My favorite color is red so the the fact there’s nice berry shades and warm tones makes me so happy. I really wish I had bought this sooner because it’s simply to die for.

Next up is the Makeup Forever HD foundation stick. You see people lighting this thing on fire all over Instagram for the click bate, and you tubers using this for the hype. I wasn’t sure about this I really wanted to get this just to lighten up my luggage as much as possible because I have SO much makeup and I’m going to be there for 5 days so I’m using gram I can! I used a different primer than usual and I was so upset because I thought “wow I hate this foundation so much” for starters it was definitely a shade or two shades too light but I didn’t like how the foundation was just slipping off. The coverage is just okay too, I was hoping for more full coverage and not medium. It’s definitely buildable though. I took it back the next day and got a different shade. I applied it the following day and the coverage was better and I used my usual primer too so I didn’t complain as much. I think there are definitely way better foundations our there. I heard wonderful things about makeup forevers liquid foundation I would suggest experimenting with that first.

Next, we have the glow kits. I have two but I recently purchased the newest one, Natasha Denona, with the Devine pink shades. I’ve been wanting a new one for a while because I love glow kits and this one had a lot of hype around it with many you tubers reviewing it early. The formula is so different from the original one. It has more glitter in it and the original was just this reflective beautiful glow without a lot of glitter. I guess if you want feed into the glowkit hype, look at the original ones with the 4 pans, you get more product too!

Lastly, I have Mac fix+. I’ve been usng this for a while but I did pick up a travel size, but let’s be honest here who would have thought of picking this up without the influence of YouTube? This is more than just water in a bottle! It’s so wonderful and it really makes your makeup flawless. Disclaimer: this is not a long lasting setting spray. It does not say it will make your makeup lady longer it just gives a nice finish


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