Hello friends! Hope everyone had a good weekend as I did with a lot of shopping. So by the title you know I did a lot of shopping at SEPHORA. I’m also going to include things I think you should buy with the remaining day of the sale if you live on the west coast and things that I have my eye on for the winter sale!

Going into the sale I wasn’t a VIB but I became VIB with my last purchase it was nice to know I’ll get the VIB discount for the winter sale. If you didn’t know, for the past week Sephora had one of its sales that happen two times a year. VIB and VIB Rouge get 15% off their purchase while the Beauty Insider gets 10% off which is still nice if you would like to just have taxes taken off. To be beauty insider you need to just sign up but to become VIB or VIB Rouge you need to spend $350 or $1,000 in a calender year. So with my last purchase I hit the $350 mark within 4 months, I know that’s crazy but it happened. I bought quite a few things not a lot like some others with over $500 worth of product mine is just about $100 so that’s why I’m including things I wish I bought or things I recommend. I really just bought things I’ve wanted to try and experiment with brands.

Dark Chocolate Matte Soleil Bronzer Too Faced ($30)

I’ve been wanting to get a nice Bronzer for a while. I actually use this as a contour because cool tone looks Hella 

muddy on me because of my warm skin tone. It’s really nice it blends out well and it’s a great color. I’ve been thinking about buying this for a while but thought it was a little pricey but I’m overall glad I bought it and would recommend it to you guys. They have two other shades milk chocolate soleil and chocolate Soleil.

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick ($46)

I recently tried the Makeup Forever Ultra HD stick and It didn’t work AT ALL for my skin. It was oily to

 touch and it clung to dry spots. So I decided to try this foundation and I love it. It’s a beautiful natural coverage and it’s a long wearing formula. I was scared to try a new foundation after the MUFE one. I took the risk and I’m happy with my decision. It was nice to get it with a 10% discount too. I recommend to look into getting this foundation for all skin types. 

STELLAR limitless Concealer S01 ($27)

I literally just got this in the mail I got this with 15% off and I just

 applied it and my first impression is that it’s great coverage and not too thick or runny. I actually really like this Concealer. I got the lightest shade they have shade S01. It appears this brand only caters to medium skin tones so I’m sorry for those of you who are lighter or deeper skin tones. But if you’re medium skin tone I recommend this brand it’s fairly new at Sephora and it’s pretty good price points especially if you get it with a discount. Not to mention the packaging is so sleek!


That’s just about it for what I bought but there’s a couple products I still recommend! I highly recommend buying the Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow pallet by ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS. It’s my favorite pallet ever and I feel like I should’ve bought another one with a discount because that’s HOW MUCH I love it. If you’ve been on the fence about it and you’re a lover of warm tones then don’t think about it, JUST DO IT. I really regret not picking up the Anastasia Brow brush #14 because I’ve heard great things about it. I was kind of unsure if I should splurge on a brush but now I have regrets because I love my eyebrows and I want them to be as nice as possible. My brushes have all kind of lost their stiffness so now the lines aren’t as sharp. So it’s always good to invest in things that will last longer than buying multiple cheap things that end up being the same price. Time is money! Also I recommend getting a glow kit, not the 6-pan ones but the 4-pan one!! The formula is WAYYY better and has less glitter. The 6-pan isn’t too bad but I don’t like glitter highlights. Last thing I regret not buying are the Kat Von D Lip products. I ACTUALLY DON’T HAVE ANY PRODUCT FROM HER. I feel like I should have because it’s the price that always holds me back. I’ve heard nothing but great things about her lip products. I guess I’ll either see if I ever get the power to get it or I’ll definitely get it at the Winter Sale!!

Thank you for reading my blog it means so much be sure to follow my blog to get notifications when I post!!


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