BoxyCharm Review (May 2017) Do you need this months box?

Hello friends! Saturday Afternoon my beautiful mailman once again pleased me with delivering my BoxyCharm. I cancelled BoxyCharm for 5 months because I wanted to save money and stop receiving SO MUCH EYE SHADOW! If you never heard of BoxyCharm or you’re not completely sure what it is, its a subscription box that cost $21 a month and you receive 4-5 FULL SIZE products. Of course that’s an amazing deal considering I’ve never received a box that cost less that $100. Last months box was SO GOOD so I tried to get that box but there was of course a wait-list. I got off of the wait-list on the 10th and it took 10 days for it to get to me.

So lets get started! This month we received 5 products even though I consider 4 because it was a brush that I really dislike. On the card that they list the products and pricing, its $14 but it feels like a cheap brush that elf would have made in 2005. This brush if from

This double ended brow brush was designed to allow for precision and creating hair-like strokes, while filling in the brows.
#BoxyTip: Use spooly side to comb brows upwards. Use the brush to fill in brows using the convertible brow palette!

the brand “The Brow Gal” I tried this with my Dip Brow Pomade and the Brow powder they gave us. It’s so flimsy and I prefer a more sturdy brush. It’s really thin which is nice but I wish it was slightly more firm. The spoolie is nice, but I mean who messes up a spoolie. I really wish boxy charm had just left this product out of this months box because I’d rather receive 4 products than 5 and one of them being trash. It looks to me like they couldn’t think of anything better.


Next up is the Brow Powder/ Pomade Duo powders also

The convertible Brow is a powder/pomade duo that acts as a powder when used dry and a pomade when used wet t fill in and apply color and definition to the brows. Each compact has a warm, neutral, and ash tone to allow you to mix your perfect, custom color. If used wet, the palette will revert back to a powder consistency, ensuring the product does not dry out.

by The Brow Gal. I was interested in the sound of this product. Of course I was a little disappointed. I don’t prefer powders and I like a clean brow. I have bald spots so I need a pomade or pencil to really fill it in. This product wore the whole day of me walking around in 100 degree weather but I wasn’t a fan of the way it looked. Giving brow products it so hard and something they should pull away from because not all shades will work for ALL PEOPLE. The dark brown is too dark and the lighter colors are too light. I think to like this product you need to be a brow powder lover or else this product will be basically useless.

This next products is something I was excited to get, its from the brand “IBY beauty” and its a powder contour pallet. I really do like this contour kit

Sculpt, define, and illuminate your features with the Highlight and Contour Palette. Chic and portable, this PRO-approved kit comes in 6versatile shades.
#BoxyTip: After applying your base foundation, use this palette to highlight and contour. Highlight with a color one or two shades brighter than your face. Focus on: your under eyes, the bridge of your nose, your forehead, and chin. Contour with a color one or two shades deeper than your base tone. Focus on: your hairline, the hollows of your cheekbones, your jawline, and your neckline (to make it look seamless and natural). Don’t forget to blend!

because I don’t have any cooler toned contour colors so this is pretty cool to get. I really like how it blends out and its pretty easy to do. Contour is also really hard to give in a box where the color might not suit all people. So if you’re a person with deep skin this will not be for you at all. I’m really sorry about that but I’m sure Boxy tries their best. I use this all around my face to give it a nice defined look and it looks good on my nose. I use the dark chocolate soleil bronzer as a contour normally because I have warm skin right now but later on in the colder months this will be nice to pull out and really snatch my face.

Products #4 was also a good one, which also makes me wonder why they gave us this damn Eyebrow brush. But they gave us a paddle brush from crown brushes that was

This super soft paddle brush can be used with any liquid, powder, or cream product for a full coverage application. BoxyTip: Ideal for sculpting and blending, this brush is best used with liquid or cream products.

made in collaboration with boxy charm. I actually really like they way this applies makeup, its a little streaky if you don’t use it the correct way but you just need to practice and see what works with your foundation. Now as I think of it I should try using this brush with my Hourglass Foundation Stick. It’s cool to be able to try these kinds of brushes because it’s something I see everywhere especially on Instagram and they seem to work beautifully on others. I guess that’s a cool thing about how BoxyCharm gave this brush so many people who may have not thought of buying one would be able to try it.


Last but not least is my FAVORITE PRODUCT. We received a liquid bronzer from this brand before and I’m excited to have this liquid highlight. This is the Liquid Glow from

In this limited edition collaboration with Boxycharm, TEMPTU introduces Liquid Glow, its first hand-applied highlighter. Formulated to deliver a radiantly luminous complexion, or to illuminate all over, this long-lasting formula is designed in a rose gold hue that flatters every skin tone and creates a natural, lit-form within glow.
#BoxyTip: Apply to the high points of the face, under or over your foundation, and anywhere you want to glow. Mix in with your favorite liquid foundation for an all-over glow!

Temptu. The last time we got this product many people were mad that they gave a product meant for airbrush tools without giving an airbrush tool. This time around they said it was specifically made to be applied with a brush or fingers. This is a stunning gold highlight that looks so beautiful on the skin. I used a small blending brush that is a little thick and it looked gorgeous. I decided to wear this with no makeup on Sunday when it was 100 degrees and it last long until i wiped my face harshly forgetting I was wearing makeup. This product makes the box and I love receiving highlighters in my boxes.


All in all I’m satisfied with the box. Definitely not my FAVORITE that I’ve ever gotten but its not terrible. If you are interested in BoxyCharm use this link . There may be a waiting list but I’m sure you’ll get off of it by next month. There is one sneak peek for next month thanks to my guide to spoilers which is “My Subscription Addiction” they confirmed we will be getting this eye shadow pallet. If boxycharm-june-2017-confirmed-spoiler-733x648you’re interested use the link above to get yourself a boxycharm!




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