BoxyCharm Review (May 2017) Do you need this months box?

Hello friends! Saturday Afternoon my beautiful mailman once again pleased me with delivering my BoxyCharm. I cancelled BoxyCharm for 5 months because I wanted to save money and stop receiving SO MUCH EYE SHADOW! If you never heard of BoxyCharm or you’re not completely sure what it is, its a subscription box that cost $21 a month and you receive 4-5 FULL SIZE products. Of course that’s an amazing deal considering I’ve never received a box that cost less that $100. Last months box was SO GOOD so I tried to get that box but there was of course a wait-list. I got off of the wait-list on the 10th and it took 10 days for it to get to me.

So lets get started! This month we received 5 products even though I consider 4 because it was a brush that I really dislike. On the card that they list the products and pricing, its $14 but it feels like a cheap brush that elf would have made in 2005. This brush if from

This double ended brow brush was designed to allow for precision and creating hair-like strokes, while filling in the brows.
#BoxyTip: Use spooly side to comb brows upwards. Use the brush to fill in brows using the convertible brow palette!

the brand “The Brow Gal” I tried this with my Dip Brow Pomade and the Brow powder they gave us. It’s so flimsy and I prefer a more sturdy brush. It’s really thin which is nice but I wish it was slightly more firm. The spoolie is nice, but I mean who messes up a spoolie. I really wish boxy charm had just left this product out of this months box because I’d rather receive 4 products than 5 and one of them being trash. It looks to me like they couldn’t think of anything better.


Next up is the Brow Powder/ Pomade Duo powders also

The convertible Brow is a powder/pomade duo that acts as a powder when used dry and a pomade when used wet t fill in and apply color and definition to the brows. Each compact has a warm, neutral, and ash tone to allow you to mix your perfect, custom color. If used wet, the palette will revert back to a powder consistency, ensuring the product does not dry out.

by The Brow Gal. I was interested in the sound of this product. Of course I was a little disappointed. I don’t prefer powders and I like a clean brow. I have bald spots so I need a pomade or pencil to really fill it in. This product wore the whole day of me walking around in 100 degree weather but I wasn’t a fan of the way it looked. Giving brow products it so hard and something they should pull away from because not all shades will work for ALL PEOPLE. The dark brown is too dark and the lighter colors are too light. I think to like this product you need to be a brow powder lover or else this product will be basically useless.

This next products is something I was excited to get, its from the brand “IBY beauty” and its a powder contour pallet. I really do like this contour kit

Sculpt, define, and illuminate your features with the Highlight and Contour Palette. Chic and portable, this PRO-approved kit comes in 6versatile shades.
#BoxyTip: After applying your base foundation, use this palette to highlight and contour. Highlight with a color one or two shades brighter than your face. Focus on: your under eyes, the bridge of your nose, your forehead, and chin. Contour with a color one or two shades deeper than your base tone. Focus on: your hairline, the hollows of your cheekbones, your jawline, and your neckline (to make it look seamless and natural). Don’t forget to blend!

because I don’t have any cooler toned contour colors so this is pretty cool to get. I really like how it blends out and its pretty easy to do. Contour is also really hard to give in a box where the color might not suit all people. So if you’re a person with deep skin this will not be for you at all. I’m really sorry about that but I’m sure Boxy tries their best. I use this all around my face to give it a nice defined look and it looks good on my nose. I use the dark chocolate soleil bronzer as a contour normally because I have warm skin right now but later on in the colder months this will be nice to pull out and really snatch my face.

Products #4 was also a good one, which also makes me wonder why they gave us this damn Eyebrow brush. But they gave us a paddle brush from crown brushes that was

This super soft paddle brush can be used with any liquid, powder, or cream product for a full coverage application. BoxyTip: Ideal for sculpting and blending, this brush is best used with liquid or cream products.

made in collaboration with boxy charm. I actually really like they way this applies makeup, its a little streaky if you don’t use it the correct way but you just need to practice and see what works with your foundation. Now as I think of it I should try using this brush with my Hourglass Foundation Stick. It’s cool to be able to try these kinds of brushes because it’s something I see everywhere especially on Instagram and they seem to work beautifully on others. I guess that’s a cool thing about how BoxyCharm gave this brush so many people who may have not thought of buying one would be able to try it.


Last but not least is my FAVORITE PRODUCT. We received a liquid bronzer from this brand before and I’m excited to have this liquid highlight. This is the Liquid Glow from

In this limited edition collaboration with Boxycharm, TEMPTU introduces Liquid Glow, its first hand-applied highlighter. Formulated to deliver a radiantly luminous complexion, or to illuminate all over, this long-lasting formula is designed in a rose gold hue that flatters every skin tone and creates a natural, lit-form within glow.
#BoxyTip: Apply to the high points of the face, under or over your foundation, and anywhere you want to glow. Mix in with your favorite liquid foundation for an all-over glow!

Temptu. The last time we got this product many people were mad that they gave a product meant for airbrush tools without giving an airbrush tool. This time around they said it was specifically made to be applied with a brush or fingers. This is a stunning gold highlight that looks so beautiful on the skin. I used a small blending brush that is a little thick and it looked gorgeous. I decided to wear this with no makeup on Sunday when it was 100 degrees and it last long until i wiped my face harshly forgetting I was wearing makeup. This product makes the box and I love receiving highlighters in my boxes.


All in all I’m satisfied with the box. Definitely not my FAVORITE that I’ve ever gotten but its not terrible. If you are interested in BoxyCharm use this link . There may be a waiting list but I’m sure you’ll get off of it by next month. There is one sneak peek for next month thanks to my guide to spoilers which is “My Subscription Addiction” they confirmed we will be getting this eye shadow pallet. If boxycharm-june-2017-confirmed-spoiler-733x648you’re interested use the link above to get yourself a boxycharm!





Hello friends! Hope everyone had a good weekend as I did with a lot of shopping. So by the title you know I did a lot of shopping at SEPHORA. I’m also going to include things I think you should buy with the remaining day of the sale if you live on the west coast and things that I have my eye on for the winter sale!

Going into the sale I wasn’t a VIB but I became VIB with my last purchase it was nice to know I’ll get the VIB discount for the winter sale. If you didn’t know, for the past week Sephora had one of its sales that happen two times a year. VIB and VIB Rouge get 15% off their purchase while the Beauty Insider gets 10% off which is still nice if you would like to just have taxes taken off. To be beauty insider you need to just sign up but to become VIB or VIB Rouge you need to spend $350 or $1,000 in a calender year. So with my last purchase I hit the $350 mark within 4 months, I know that’s crazy but it happened. I bought quite a few things not a lot like some others with over $500 worth of product mine is just about $100 so that’s why I’m including things I wish I bought or things I recommend. I really just bought things I’ve wanted to try and experiment with brands.

Dark Chocolate Matte Soleil Bronzer Too Faced ($30)

I’ve been wanting to get a nice Bronzer for a while. I actually use this as a contour because cool tone looks Hella 

muddy on me because of my warm skin tone. It’s really nice it blends out well and it’s a great color. I’ve been thinking about buying this for a while but thought it was a little pricey but I’m overall glad I bought it and would recommend it to you guys. They have two other shades milk chocolate soleil and chocolate Soleil.

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick ($46)

I recently tried the Makeup Forever Ultra HD stick and It didn’t work AT ALL for my skin. It was oily to

 touch and it clung to dry spots. So I decided to try this foundation and I love it. It’s a beautiful natural coverage and it’s a long wearing formula. I was scared to try a new foundation after the MUFE one. I took the risk and I’m happy with my decision. It was nice to get it with a 10% discount too. I recommend to look into getting this foundation for all skin types. 

STELLAR limitless Concealer S01 ($27)

I literally just got this in the mail I got this with 15% off and I just

 applied it and my first impression is that it’s great coverage and not too thick or runny. I actually really like this Concealer. I got the lightest shade they have shade S01. It appears this brand only caters to medium skin tones so I’m sorry for those of you who are lighter or deeper skin tones. But if you’re medium skin tone I recommend this brand it’s fairly new at Sephora and it’s pretty good price points especially if you get it with a discount. Not to mention the packaging is so sleek!


That’s just about it for what I bought but there’s a couple products I still recommend! I highly recommend buying the Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow pallet by ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS. It’s my favorite pallet ever and I feel like I should’ve bought another one with a discount because that’s HOW MUCH I love it. If you’ve been on the fence about it and you’re a lover of warm tones then don’t think about it, JUST DO IT. I really regret not picking up the Anastasia Brow brush #14 because I’ve heard great things about it. I was kind of unsure if I should splurge on a brush but now I have regrets because I love my eyebrows and I want them to be as nice as possible. My brushes have all kind of lost their stiffness so now the lines aren’t as sharp. So it’s always good to invest in things that will last longer than buying multiple cheap things that end up being the same price. Time is money! Also I recommend getting a glow kit, not the 6-pan ones but the 4-pan one!! The formula is WAYYY better and has less glitter. The 6-pan isn’t too bad but I don’t like glitter highlights. Last thing I regret not buying are the Kat Von D Lip products. I ACTUALLY DON’T HAVE ANY PRODUCT FROM HER. I feel like I should have because it’s the price that always holds me back. I’ve heard nothing but great things about her lip products. I guess I’ll either see if I ever get the power to get it or I’ll definitely get it at the Winter Sale!!

Thank you for reading my blog it means so much be sure to follow my blog to get notifications when I post!!

YouTube Made Me Buy It 

Hello friends hope you’re having a fantastic weekend! I had a good one because I bought a few items! For some reason I haven’t gotten to purchasing these things I wasn’t sure if it was worth it so I held it off.

I’ve had my eyes on the Modern Renaissance pallet for a very long time since it came out. I love red shades and warm tones so it drew me to this pallet. It’s been sitting in my online cart for months and I have been finding reasons to not get it. I saved up so I can go on a makeup spree and get a couple things before my trip to Hawaii on the 5th. I went to the mall with my friends and I was surprised to finally see they had the pallet in Stock because it’s never available. I swatched the shades with the lightest touch and I KNEW that I needed to buy it. I showed my friend the swatch and she is the worst she told me to just do it so I ran to get in line. I got home played with it a little then the next day I went to an event at school and did an eye look. I was so happy with the result. The only set back on these shadows is it really has a lot of kick back and it hurts my heart because it’s so much shadow I waste. I know I’m going to hit pan on these shades really quick because of the frequency I’m going to be using them I’m just hoping this pallet is here to stay forever. It’s definitely worth it if you’re a warm tone lover like I am. My favorite color is red so the the fact there’s nice berry shades and warm tones makes me so happy. I really wish I had bought this sooner because it’s simply to die for.

Next up is the Makeup Forever HD foundation stick. You see people lighting this thing on fire all over Instagram for the click bate, and you tubers using this for the hype. I wasn’t sure about this I really wanted to get this just to lighten up my luggage as much as possible because I have SO much makeup and I’m going to be there for 5 days so I’m using gram I can! I used a different primer than usual and I was so upset because I thought “wow I hate this foundation so much” for starters it was definitely a shade or two shades too light but I didn’t like how the foundation was just slipping off. The coverage is just okay too, I was hoping for more full coverage and not medium. It’s definitely buildable though. I took it back the next day and got a different shade. I applied it the following day and the coverage was better and I used my usual primer too so I didn’t complain as much. I think there are definitely way better foundations our there. I heard wonderful things about makeup forevers liquid foundation I would suggest experimenting with that first.

Next, we have the glow kits. I have two but I recently purchased the newest one, Natasha Denona, with the Devine pink shades. I’ve been wanting a new one for a while because I love glow kits and this one had a lot of hype around it with many you tubers reviewing it early. The formula is so different from the original one. It has more glitter in it and the original was just this reflective beautiful glow without a lot of glitter. I guess if you want feed into the glowkit hype, look at the original ones with the 4 pans, you get more product too!

Lastly, I have Mac fix+. I’ve been usng this for a while but I did pick up a travel size, but let’s be honest here who would have thought of picking this up without the influence of YouTube? This is more than just water in a bottle! It’s so wonderful and it really makes your makeup flawless. Disclaimer: this is not a long lasting setting spray. It does not say it will make your makeup lady longer it just gives a nice finish

Best Eyeliner Ever???

Hello friends, I hope your weekend was fantastic and you have a good week ahead of yourself! If you’ve read some of my blog posts before you would know that Eyeliner is so hard for me. It’s not that I don’t know how to do a good wing, it’s just that my eyes water so much. The product tends to transfer and also just come off then I look like a racoon after 6 hours. I’ve been on a hunt for a quality Eyeliner for so long now and I’ve found it!

I have no idea why I haven’t looked at MAC for an Eyeliner before but I finally asked to see if their eyeliners are as good as their concealers. Of course they are! I was a little skeptical at first because it’s liquid and I’ve only used gel and felt tip Eyeliner. I had a little trouble with applying on my left eye because the wand it came with would hit my lid and would get everywhere but I practiced more and now I love it. I wore it out and it did not budge! My eyes watered and I was worried for it running or transferring to my under eye and it didn’t!

I used a smash box Eyeliner before and I liked the application but it would flake when it got wet. So when my eyes water in the morning it came off as flakes and half my Eyeliner would be gone. I also used a colour pop liner and it just transfered

completely. When I smiled the wing would transfer to the bottom and I had an upside down wing on my cheek. The colour pop works for many people but I guess just not me.

I’m so happy to have found this liner because it’s so worth it! I definitely recommend this for anyone who wants a matte black Eyeliner. If you have small or watery eyes I’ve finally solved your problem and the search is over! Head down to Mac and get this Eyeliner it’s definitely a holy grail item now!!!!


Hello friends, today I’m just going to discuss the products I’ve been using on the daily. I don’t wear makeup EVERYDAY,but for the most part I wear makeup quite a bit. I haven’t been buying new products lately and cancelled my boxycharm subscription just because I got a puppy and I need to save some $$$.

It’s so hard to find a primer I love because I have very oily skin and large pores. The one I’ve been obsessed with though is the Rimel Stay Matte Face Primer. This primer is a quality one especially for the low price. I’ve heard many great things about this primer and needed to have it. I had a MAC primer before that they recommended for oily skin and it didn’t compare to the effectiveness of the Rimel. My foundation applies nicely with this primer too which I’m happy with. My nose doesn’t nearly get as oily as it would before. With the mac primer my whole face would just shine and and my makeup with come off with the slightest touch of my face. I’m beyond pleased with the purchase of this primer and highly recommend it for y’all with skin on the oily side.

Now for foundation, my favorite is another drugstore item. I absolutely LOVE the Milani Conceal + perfect. It provides wonderful coverage and it lasts so long. I also have the Mac pro long wear foundation and I like the coverage of Milani more. Both are grate for oily skin but the Mac is a little better when handling oil. Also, my problem with MAC was the face it settled into fine lines, especially my laugh lines around my mouth. (Not sure if that’s the name of it.)

Under-eye Concealer

I never get enough sleep so, ya girl has pretty bad dark circles. MAC pro long wear Concealer is SO GOOD. Last year I was wearing it and I cried during school because I didn’t make the chamber choir and my under eye concealer was still there. Trust me I was crying A LOT. I haven’t repurchased it because just I lost it a while ago and decided to try the Maybelline one that everyone and their grandma uses. Maybelines is too think and settles into my fine lines hardcore. Also the coverage isn’t the same in my opinion. My naturally watery eyes kill the maybeline concealer.


Okay now as I try to think of a good highlighter,  it’s really hard. All of my highlighters are AMAZING. My first highlighter/highlighting palette was a gift from my two friends for my 16th birthday. Man, my heart was beating so fast when I opened the bag to see an Anastasia Glow Kit. I still love it so so much. I’ve hit pan in the shade Bubbly. The shades are so great for all skin types. It’s what made me fall in love with Anastasia’s brand because it’s so friendly to darker toned people. I hear many complaints that some shades are too dark for them and it makes me sad to hear because it’s so hard to please everyone nowadays. Anyhow, the pallet I got was in That Glow. It’s not sold in sephora anymore but you can probably find it at Macy’s or on the Anastasia Website. My second highlighter was a gift to myself, I bought Becca × Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop. It’s a truly beautiful shade, it gets endless compliments when I wear it and it’s so versatile to compliment many skin tones. I love golds which is why I love That Glow and Champagne Pop. There’s just something so unique about the Champagne Pop color. Recently I purchased the Anastasia × Nicole Guerrero Glow Kit. It’d so so beautiful, I love the pink colors and they’re simply gorgeous. If I were to chose between the two glow kits I would hands down choose that glow.The formula is just way better and you get more product plus the removable pans! The Nicole one has more glitter flecks in the formula while the original 4 pans seems to just be more pearlized and reflective without the glitter. But I love all my highlighters they’re so pretty and let’s face it you can NEVER have too much.


My brow products are of course from Anastasia. The brow wiz is insane! Hands down greatest brow product and it’s so natural looking. The price definitely hits me especially when I was buying them every other month. The amount I wore makeup when I used to use the brow wiz was everyday. Now I use the pomade. It’s still great but requires more diligence and patience. You need to have a light hand when applying the pomade. Definitely go a shade lighter than what you would get in the brow wiz. Personally I hate dark eyebrows, they make you look old and washed out. I use a medium brown brow wiz and soft brown pomade.i used to use a dark brown brow wiz and nope! Never again! I never realized how bad it looked. Just one shade lighter made such a difference on my makeup look. Definitely try to do lighter eyebrows if you normally go dark and see how you like it. If not that’s okay! It’s just my personal preference.


My favorite lip product is the Colourpop ultra matter liquid Lipstick in the shade beeper. It’s a gorgeous shade and I wear it ALL THE TIME. It’s only $6 and so long lasting. I’ve seen many people wear it and it looks great on everyone. I highly recommend just looking at colourpops website because its so affordable and they have SO MANY NEW PRODUCTS. Look at my recent Colour Pop Haul.


The last product I’m gonna talk about if OF COURSE mascara.The Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Waterproof Mascara is so great for me because I have lashes that refuse to curl and this is the only mascara that stays up. Also, it’s incredibly waterproof! As I said before, my eyes are incredibly watery and most mascaras will just come off completely or my curl would fall. Thankfully my sister and I discovered this one, thanks for a girl at sephora who told us about this one low-key ;).

There are some products I just left out because I didn’t feel  I could write so much about. For blush I use Too Faced Love Flush Blushed in Your Love is King, it lasts a decent amount of time and its a really cute color! I’m still on the hunt for a Moisturizer so PLEASE leave recommendations down below. If you want to see swatches and a in depth review of the New Glow kit LET ME KNOW!

Sorry for not posting as much lately but I hope to get back to posting more. Have a great week and I hope to hear from y’all down below.

So really, why do we wear makeup?


Even just a year ago, I found makeup to be an unnecessary thing. Not a big deal to me. Then I got more into it and  I found it to be something I enjoy. I found it to be

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something I can do and it makes me feel good. For the most part, it’s a hobby to me. I don’t do it in hope of impressioning others. Although, there are other days where I wake up and I just wonder what I’m doing my makeup for. There are times where I do my makeup in hopes of impressing others. Why do things that take my time away if it doesn’t make me happy?

Its such a  common thing that everyone claims that makeup is only done to be

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accepted by others. Now, I feel like that’s not true, for the most part, yeah that isn’t. So now I feel as though when I wear makeup I want to make sure it’s truly for me and not for others. I want to be happy and only do things when I want. Why let these people who we don’t know control out time and energy? We sit around hoping for people to notice us when we are just being like everyone else. What are you doing with your time? Are you waking up extra early to put on makeup just to be tired all day? Do your makeup if you love it don’t put yourself under stress just because you feel obligated to do something.





ColourPop Haul!

Hello, Friends. Just last Friday I finally got my ColourPop cyber Monday order, I bought 8 products for only $30. I purchased 5 Lip products and two eyeliners and below I will give my thoughts on the products. If you aren’t familiar with ColourPop its an online shop that sells quality lipsticks and makeup products for under $10. ColourPop is definitely a place to buy quality makeup for a very low price.

Lippie Primer

First, I’m going to start with the Lippie Primer. I definitely see a difference in longevity of  Liquid
Lipstick with this primer. Definitely a necessity for those of you interested in buying lip products from ColourPop. I have several lip products from ColourPop so I can tell the difference of wear time with and without the primer on.

Man Eater (Metallic), Instigator* (matte), Speed Dial*(matte), Screen Shot* (satin)

*Just Peachy Bundle*

I bought these three LipSticks** from a Lip Bundle called “Just Peachy” if you are interested in buying any Liquid Lips definitely take advantage of their bundles because it’ll save you a couple of $$$. I think it’s really cute with the special packaging and buying it on Cyber Monday knocked down the price even more! I was looking to get more daytime colors so I was excited to buy a bundle at this VERY LOW PRICE. I believe I payed $12,so on a regular day is the price of TWO liquid lips, but I got three! On a regular day it would be $15 but you’re still saving $3!! The colors were nice along with the wear time, I personally only had a problem with Speed Dial. When I put my lips together the color on the top would completely come off and I never experienced that with a ColourPop product. Perhaps it was the way I prepped my lips?


I was excited to get a Metallic LipColor for the Holidays, so i was even more happy to buy it for only $4 on Cyber Monday. Now this Liquid Lip is $6 but its still a CRAZY cheap price! The wear of the Metallic Lip is GREAT! It wasn’t too drying but it didn’t also survive my dinner! If you are drinking water or whatever you choose, it’ll last a long time. You just need to avoid the foods on the more oily side!

Gel Eyeliner

I’m pleased with the two Eyeliners I bought! I bought them in the shades Swerve and 20161211_111935Brew-HaHa. I think these are Great Eye Liners Especially for being $6! If you have oily lids then you’ll need to set your liner with eye shadow because I had a big problem with that. These are definitely a quality gel eyeliners and recommend them to everyone who is looking for cheap makeup! I have a black and Dark Brown shade because I just wanted to start out with basic colors for now but will be definitely going back to get more of the wild colors!

ColourPop is such a great site to buy cheap makeup that is good quality. Especially if you are starting out with makeup and want to explore while still having well known products used buy so many Beauty Gurus. Thank you for reading be sure to look at other posts by me!


Hello friends, its taken me quite some time to review this months BoxyCharm. I received it last Wednesday from my beautiful mailman. If you are unfamiliar with BoxyCharm, it is a subscription box that cost $21 an you receive 4-5 FULL SIZED  products. Keep reading and I will share the box variation I received.

The First Product:

Studio Makeup pallet “Cool Down”($49.99)

5a460884e94149d7847ea026e3b0957bThis pallet is very similar to one we received in our September BoxyCharm. It comes with 9 shadows  which are very buttery and blend like a dream. I am so pleased with this pallet it really makes the whole box. The warm pallet from September is my favorite of the two because of my love for warm colors. If you are able to get your hands on this box I highly recommend for the chance to get this pallet!

Product Description

The On-The-Go Eyeshadow Palette includes 9 shades that are perfect for creating day or night looks!
#Boxytip: To maximize staying power, start with an eyeshadow primer. Blend these smooth buttery shadows to create your desired look.

Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme


 This liquid lip is a beautiful color and not exactly like some of the others I have. I really do e8a6783b8f9247959442d490e305dc36like it the only existing problem I have with it is the fact its a little sticky but it goes away after a while. Also, it really does last a long time and is kiss proof! I am pleased with this lipstick in comparison to the other ones we have received in other boxes. This lipstick is definitely worth it being that its $1 less than what you paid for the box!

Product Description

These full coverage, high impact liquid lipsticks last for hours without the need to touchup. Their creamy formula goes on smoothly and dries to be a beautiful matte finish in a snap!
#Boxytip: Apply lip creme on the middle of the lower lips and rub lips together for product to spread evenly. Repeat, until you reach desired coverage and look. Work quickly, this product dries fast!

Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen


65da08fe1bda4b999c38be7704b0d452When I saw sneak peaks for this box I was really hoping to get this because my under eyes need the help! I was not expecting to get this in my box so when I did I was excited to try. It claims to cause a tingle under your eyes but I never feel it.It does help with my fine lines under my eyes and at 5am it helps with some of the puffiness. I do appreciate skin care in boxes so I was pleased with this item this month. Its another item that it just shy of $1 of what you paid for the box !

Product Description

This cutting-edge, triple-acting eye cream in a portable pen is formulated with a breakthrough technology to combat three major eye issues: dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles all white on-the-go.
#Boxytip: Morning or evening, dab cream gently on under eye area. A slight cooling sensation is normal.

Vintage Illuminating face Highlighter


4b84efd4f1594b94afc89076cba984cfIf you know me then you know I love a good highlight! I was sad last month to not get the Ofra highlight but at least I got one this month! This highlight is really pretty although it does have quite a bit of kick back (unless you use some MAC Fix+) Its a beautiful pink color and beautifully sits on your face. Not only is the product nice but the packaging is really pretty and the size of the mirror isn’t too bad! I am happy that I got this highlighter because a girl can never have too many. I definitely will get a lot of use out of this highlight and I’m excited to create looks with this!

Product Description

This highlight has reflective pearls that add radiance on contact, a delicate glow, and a diamond-like finish to the skin.
#BOXYTIP: Using a fan brush, sweep highlight onto your cheekbones after you have applied your brush. For an added glow, dust lightly over freshly hydrated skin on the forehead, nose, and chin.


Crown Brush C513 Pro Detail Crease


5e97002b8ea04aab854183ed6f81c6b7This brush was really cool to get because I never had a crown brush before and Its making me want to try more of them! It’s extremely soft and good for getting a clean crease for those days you want to make a cut crease! Its definitely a quality brush that  I would have never tried without boxy charm.

Product Description

The Pro Detail Crease Brush’s bullet shape and dense Capra blend bristles easily fit into the crease of your eyelid. This brush is made with a high grade of Capra hair, making it easy to clean and maintain with proper care.
#Boxytip: Use in the outer corner of the lid with powder products to create extra depth and intensity to smokey eye looks, as well as in the lash line to finish off the look.

All in all I definitely think this is one of the greatest boxes we have gotten. It definitely made up for last month box, which I wasn’t much a fan of. I actually haven’t touched a single product from last months box but in the past week I have used the products a solid handful of times. I think if you want to explore makeup and try new things GET BOXYCHARM ! be sure to use this link . Thanks for reading like this post and leave a comment if you like reading these and be sure to look at my other posts!

Why do people wear makeup ???

The makeup community has largely grown over the past year and so has my love for it. Makeup was not important to me until the beginning of 2016. Its an interesting thought but its true. The main thing that draws myself into it, as well as many other people in the world, makeup is such an emotional outlet where you can really just poor you heart out and be able to create something beautiful. Creating looks and being able to share a love with people universally is a very exhilarating experience.

I’ve bonded and made a countless amount of friends over makeup due to the fact its such a simple thing to  talk about. The ability to be yourself and for people to recognize the type of person you are based on the type of makeup you wear makes me happy. It isn’t in a judgmental way, its in a sincere and kind way.

The amount of hatred that fills social media makes me feel weird, everyone should be

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empowering to each other but instead people go on the internet to just make others feel bad. In makeup which is an art form, why do others feel the need to judge others creative process. People have to start somewhere, you aren’t going to pick up a pallet and a blending brush then be a Professional Makeup Artist. I love to see that men now wear
makeup openly and are so amazing at it too. Men who aren’t necessarily drag queens wear makeup on a day to day basis and I love that society has been so accepting of that. Everyone has a way to express who they are and I find makeup to be the most fun way to do so.

If you are interested in makeup but aren’t sure you can do it, do it anyways. Its such an enjoyable hobby. Wearing makeup does not mean you are insecure or you do it for the hope people to think you are attractive. You do it for yourself and because it makes you feel comfortable.

Champagne Pop. Just Hype?

If you aren’t familiar with Champagne Pop by Becca x Jaclyn Hill, I’m assuming you don’t have interest in makeup or you just don’t pay attention to it. Champagne Pop was born under a collaboration between beauty guru, Jaclyn Hill, and Becca Cosmetics. This shade of Highlight was the first of the shade that many brands copy due to its effortless beauty which looks beautiful on all skin colors.

Due to the $38 price tag it took me a while to bring myself to purchasing it. Once I finally bought it, my heart hurt a little, but I was still excited to get it in the mail. 2 days later and my beautiful mailman, as I mentioned in my BoxyCharm Unboxing ,dropped my package off at the door I was shook.

This is not my photo

The packaging is nice but for some reason it makes it very easy to break, as mine did last week. Anyways, immediately I swatch the highlight and the color is beautiful but my heart is broken because it looks so shimmery. Personally I don’t like glitter on my face so I was truly sad over it.

The next day I use it on my face and the glow is so effortless and I am left truly amazed on how it set on my face. I was relieved because it wasn’t glittery on my face at all and it was so gorgeous. In that moment I came to realization that this product isn’t just hyped up because of Jaclyn Hills name is on it, its hyped up because it’s a quality


highlighter and a truly gorgeous color Jaclyn created. I’m so in love with this highlighter and I find it to be so worth the price tag. If you can afford it and are on the fence on purchasing the highlight then I suggest you do so because you won’t regret it at all.

If you are on the fence or you want more for you money, try the Anastasia Glow Kit in ‘That Glow’ the palette is $40 and you can 4 HUGE PANS  of highlighter. I’ve had my glowkit shy under a year and I don’t think I’ll be using it all or even hitting pan by its suggested expiration date.